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Welcome to PT. Sarana Berkat Sejahtera. We offer a total end-to-end service as a chemical specialist and trading partner.
Among others, SBS has been servicing sectors such as Coating, Adhesives, Textile, Cigarette, Rubber, Leather, Paper,
Electrical Equipment, Plasticizer, Pigment, Fiberglass, Cosmetics and Food sectors.

PT. Sarana Berkat Sejahtera (“SBS”) is a subsidiary of PT. Sari Daya Plasindo (“SDP”). SBS has been focusing on meeting the growing market needs for chemical trading, ever since its inception in 2011. SBS’s principal activity in trading of chemicals has led the company to grow its experience in building strategic partnerships with various investors from different industry sectors.

Looking ahead, SBS aims to not only maintain its already high level of customer service, but also improve the servicing of customers’ by increasing the contact and feedback between the manufacturer and end buyer. SBS believes that this strategy will enable the company to solidly position itself in the industry.


integrityWe are committed to act with a high standard of integrity by doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason, even when nobody is watching.


qualityAs part of our goal toward excellent outcome, we as a team work hard to accomplish that goal because our customers deserve high quality results.


effectiveBringing about a positive difference through optimization of resources in order to outperform competition through operational efficiency with excellence.


reliabilityWe look to ourselves to do what needs to be done and take the responsibility for our actions, while we entail being trustworthy and dependable in all that we do.

Service oriented

service_orientedWe demonstrate our compassion for others driven by their needs and by consistently delivering on our promises, with a high standard of workmanship and professionalism.

Well being

well_beingContinuously create opportunities for our employees and their families to excel economically, professionally and personally. We equally value every member of our team and encourage their development.


agilityWe anticipate changes in the market, business and technology in going beyond what is expected by today’s business needs. We realize that change is inevitable, hence we must respond with precision and speed, while maintaining balance.